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PhoneBomber is a massively multi-player, location-aware game. That means that when you play, you’re playing with everyone else – and you’re playing in the ‘real’ world. When you place a virtual bomb, you’re placing it in a virtual reality – one that only you and other players can see and interact with... but that reality is based on the real, physical world.

When a virtual bomb blows up, everyone in the virtual reality, within the blast radius, takes damage - but that game reality is overlaid with the real world. So if you light a stick of virtual Dynamite near you're friends house (and he plays PhoneBomber and was last seen around his house), he'll take damage. If you place a virtual Mark IV nuke anywhere around your town, then most people playing the game will take damage (as it has a radius of around 10 miles).

You can level up by placing bombs, having your bombs go off, and disarming other players bombs. The more people you injure or kill with your virtual bomb, the more experience you'll gain. You can also request missions, where you'll need to place a bomb at a specific location and have it go off.

PhoneBomber is now available on Android Phones (version 2.1 and newer), and will soon by on the iPhone.

Where PhoneBomber is being played (updated weekly)


Active Bombs (Last 300 placed - Go Disarm them!!! )

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Destruction Map (Refreshes every 6 hours)

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Disarm Map (Refreshes every 6 hours)

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Destruction Map (All)

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